Corporate Social Responsibility: The Principles and the Process of Integration into the System of Strategic Management

  •  Lyubov Leonidovna Tonysheva    
  •  Darya Vladimirovna Chumlyakova    


The article deals with corporate social responsibility as part of the formation of the company’s strategy. The problem of linking the strategic management of social responsibility, which is the basis for long-term sustainable development of the organization, have a positive impact on the environment. In this connection, it clarified the essential characteristics of social responsibility of business strategy development reflecting its development, renewal of forms of representation and instruments of regulation of social activity. The principles of social responsibility, aimed at enhancing its integration into the strategic management system (multi-level development, the complexity of the implementation of the functional activities, variability management tools) were offered. The algorithm of the process of integration of social responsibility of business in the strategic management of the organization, which includes management tools for the selection of strategic priorities for the development of corporate social responsibility, was developed. For copyright management toolkit applies the matrix to determine the positioning of the organization in the coordinates of the “level of social responsibility of business - the degree of stakeholder involvement in the implementation of strategic objectives” and the Balanced Scorecard, which provides a link to strategic objectives in the field of social responsibility indicators for their achievement and tactical action based the extent of its integration into the system of strategic management.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.