Social Perspective and Causal Factors Influencing Women Prostitution in Iran

  •  Ehsan Rostamzadeh    
  •  Farid Mohseni    
  •  Rohani Abdul Rahim    


This article reviews some factors leading to women prostitution in Iran. Efforts to address this phenomenon in every society must firstly be directed at the individual, the family, and also at economic, social and cultural factors to determine the extent they contribute to sexual crimes. In Iran, sexual offences receive significant attention because of Islamic injunctions application. The country does not permit or tolerate such offences. Since the sexual offences incidents are increasing in the world, this resulted in adverse consequences such as insecurity, the weakening of family structure, offending of public feelings and the prevalence of lawlessness. This makes it necessary, to identify the causal factors that stimulate the occurrence of such offences and to consistently eradicate them. This is an analytical study on the determined topic, to find out how women become manipulated sexually because of the causal factors that influenced them into prostitution activities. Despite the fact that Islamic legal jurisdiction is comprehensive and progressive and prostitution is recognised as an offence in Iran, unfortunately, it seems the offence is sometimes occurring.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.