Model of Marketing Innovative Strategies in International Entrepreneurship: A Global Business Environment

  •  Bahram Sattari    
  •  Javad Mehrabi    


Today small and medium sized businesses are considered the principal factor for the growth of the industrial structure of many countries. To developing countries that are attempting to revive their economic structure, these industries are of great importance. Today, with the growth and advancement of technologies, the impact of cutting edge technologies such as information technology on the business environment cannot be overlooked. The use of innovative marketing helps create value. The purpose of this paper is to investigate innovative marketing and competitive advantages of small and middle sized businesses, with regard to the innovative approaches and the company's unique features. The statistical group of this study included 300 subjects working in the companies that are active in manufacturing disposable containers in Tehran province. The results of the study indicated that innovative marketing has impacts on the companies' competitive advantage. The unique features of the companies have no impacts on obtaining competitive advantage, but it affects innovative marketing.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.