Ideologically-adapted Translations: Challenge for Adequacy, Need for Retranslation

  •  Aida Suleymanova    


Translation has always been regarded as the main channel for disseminating works of art, literature and culture. Throughout the history, Azerbaijani writers and poets have contributed to the world literature, as well as benefitted from the best literary masterpieces of the world by means of translation. The art of translation is the credit to the interaction between nations, cultures, and literatures in particular. However, the path of historical development of the national translation studies and translation practice in Azerbaijan has not always been smooth. Azerbaijan has for 70 years been a part of the USSR, and consequently all fields of human life, as well as translation activity were under strict control of the central authority. Ideological censorship imposed on culture, art and literature, particularly, on the literary translation can still be sensed today. The aim of this paper is to study the ideological deviations, adaptations and modifications in fiction translation during the Soviet period in Azerbaijan and to show why retranslation of such works is necessary in our country.

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