The Value Relevance of Corporate Social Responsibility: Focusing on Donation Expenditure

  •  Gee Jung Kwon    


This paper investigates the value relevance of corporate social responsibility. In particular, the paper examines the time lag value relevance of donation expenditure on firm value over the period of 2000–2014 in the listed Korean stock markets. Through empirical analysis, the paper provides evidence that donation expenditure has a significant effect on future firm value.

The empirical results of this paper support research hypothesis 1 (donation expenses have an effect on firm value) and research hypothesis 2 (donation expenses have a time lag effect on firms’ future value). In particular, the results show that donation expenses have an effect on firm value and the time lag interval is from two to 12 years. These results suggest that donation expenses can be regarded as assets that have potential for firms’ future cash flows.

The empirical evidence of this paper suggests there should be debate on whether the accounting treatment of donations should be changed in Korean accounting practices. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.