Research on Grass Cloth Art Embroidery of Characteristics and Handmade

  •  Jiangbo Liao    
  •  Chunguang Ren    
  •  Xiaoming Yang    


Grass cloth is made of ramie fiber. Grass cloth art embroidery is based on the evolution of folk Ma embroidery in China. The paper through trace Chinese ramie and Ma embroidery of the history, show the origin of grass cloth art embroidery. By visited Yuzhou grass cloth embroidery workshop in Jiangxi province, reveal the key technology about grass cloth art embroidery of handmade, sum up grass cloth art embroidery of characteristics. Research shows that grass cloth art embroidery used grass cloth as embroidered bottom to integrate calligraphy and painting of theme, turn to the artistic decoration of style. However, grass cloth art embroidery fine works mainly by copying the ancients paintings, so that lack creativity. Inheritance and development of grass cloth embroidery, it needs to develop their own original works.

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