How Micro-courses can Improve the Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Theories Curriculum Teaching through Teaching Design in China

  •  Liangliang Wang    
  •  Mingfang Fan    


In this article the concepts of micro-courses, research tools and research outcomes are used to clarify why and how the use of micro-courses could effectively improve Ideological and Political Theories Curriculum Teaching (IPTCT) in China. Firstly, IPTCT is significantly different from other kinds of knowledge courses in China and effective teaching in IPTCT is a research topic that is usually accompanied by the development of micro-courses in recent Chinese higher education. The relationship between them is important and complex. And then research has also been conducted to explain how micro-courses could affect the four aspects of IPTCT teaching design which includes concept design, content design, strategy design and assessment design. In this part, researchers spend a large amount of content explaining and illustrating event design processes using micro-courses, which has an important role in the overall teaching design of IPTCT. Finally, the article concluded that researchers and/ or IPTCT teachers should pay lots attention to the utilities of micro-courses in the IPTCT, recognizing the strength and flexibility of micro-courses. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.