Student Participation in the Governing Bodies of Spanish Universities

  •  Mercedes Llorent-Vaquero    


Spanish universities are making considerable democratic efforts in their various governing and administrative bodies. This article analyses the role that students play in these in aiding the development of a society where democratic values prevail. To achieve this, documentary analysis is used to explore the different laws and statutes of the universities in terms of student participation, as well as the methodology characteristic of Comparative Education. The first phase tackles the problem of student participation in Spanish universities. Following this, student participation in these bodies is analysed, observing differences and similarities taken from a sample of different Spanish universities. Based on the results obtained, student participation does not quite reach the levels desired. Once the problem is identified a series of proposals are made to increase the quantity and quality of this participation, most importantly increasing the relevance of the student sector in governing bodies, expediting and simplifying electoral processes, supporting the right to association by creating space and providing the necessary training for students to make full use of their rights. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.