Development of Product and Packaging Label for Kao-Taen (Rice Cracker) of the Agro-group of Kao Kwang Tong Sub-district, Nong Chang District, Uthaithani Province

  •  Tawat Payim    


This research was aimed to develop the product and packaging label for Kao-Taen (rice cracker) of the agro-group of Kao Kwang Tong sub-district, Nong-Chang district, Uthaithani province. It explored and developed Kao-Taen product using materials within the community, and evaluated the product design and packaging label by specialists.

The research results suggested the outcome of product development, with Kao-Taen of 3 cm. in diameter and 1.5 cm. thick, the size allows for more convenient consumption by consumers. The design of packaging label in style 3 with mean 4.92 was considered most appropriate. The key factors contributing to the community product development included available materials in the community, community’s self-capability, presentation of community uniqueness, and low cost. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.