Double Negotiation: Iranian Women and the Global

  •  Mohammad Rezaei    
  •  Mona Kalantary    


In this article we examine Iranian women’s reading of Victoria, a very popular TV series in Iran. Based on Active Audience and especially Cross-Cultural Consumption Theory (CCCT), we tried to study how the audiences consume Victoria in different manners. By using a qualitative method, in depth interviewing among 30 women, and thematic analysis, we distinguished some themes which explain why they like Victoria and how they read it. We showed that women were being attracted by and simultaneously very cautious of Victoria. In fact, they know that Victoria present them different cods which are not compatible with their own situation. In addition, comparison between ours and theirs provided them with a situation to read the text actively. Accordingly, women distinguished unpleasant native from pleasant foreigner which provided them with an imaginary situation to identify with a desirable and pleasant role.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.