Preserving of Traditional Culture Expression in Indonesia

  •  Ayu Santyaningtyas    
  •  Mahmood Zuhdi Mohd Noor    


The great nation is a nation that is able to uphold the identity of the nation. Indonesia as the country with works of art and culture is no exception in terms of the traditional cultural heritage indeed has tremendous potential. And this potential still seems to be hidden and not used optimally.

One of the potential that can be developed for economic development are traditional knowledge (traditional knowledge), including folklore, art, dance, carvings, weavings and other traditional cultural expressions is the result rather than the fruit of human thought both movable and captured by our senses that have either abstract or tangible form.

The emergence of issues of injustice felt by developing countries occur because of traditional cultural expressions they do not get the protection and respect for traditional communities as the owners of traditional cultural expressions. Utilization of traditional cultural expressions may be defined as the use of traditional cultural expressions assets commercially and used without any sharing of benefits from the developed countries, therefore we need a protection.

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