Effectiveness of Group Schema Therapy in Reducing the Symptoms of Major Depression in a Sample of Women

  •  Roghayeh Hashemi    
  •  Kobra Darvishzadeh    


Treatment of the symptoms of major depression is one of the important issues in the treatment of psychological disorders. This study aims to investigate effectiveness of group schema therapy in reducing the symptoms of major depression in a sample of women in the Ahvaz City. This is a quasi-experimental with two control and treatment groups. To this end, 30 married women in Ahvaz were selected using the convenience sampling method and were included in two treatment and control groups of 15 persons. After pre-test for both groups, the experimental group received schema therapy in 10 sessions for one month; however, the control group received no training. Beck Depression Inventory that has an acceptable reliability and validity was used to assess depression. Finally, test scores were analyzed by analysis of covariance. The results showed that group schema therapy training was effective at the level of error P<0.0001 on reducing the symptoms of depression in the treatment group. Accordingly, it can be concluded that the group schema therapy training affects the mental health promotion. Therefore, the intervention can be effective in preventing mental injuries.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.