Offering the Model of Structural Equations for the Parameters of Leadership Thinking, Communication and Meritocracy in Training of the Organizational Leaders of Oil Company

  •  Hamid Rahimian    
  •  Majid Arash    
  •  Abbas Abbaspour    
  •  Ali Delavar    


Organizations can be regarded as one of the main social foundations in the present age and management can be one of the most important factors of life, growth, and flourishing of the organizations. The issue of training of leaders has complicated and mixed dimensions and identity, therefore there is not a deep understanding of the concept among most of the administrators and also in the research – scientific centers level. This paper aims to offer a model of the structural equations of the consisting variables of the core concept (leadership thinking, communication, and meritocracy). In this research, the analytical – descriptive method was used to offer the model of structural equations for the parameters of leadership thinking, communication, and meritocracy in the training of the organizational leaders of Oil Company. The statistical population includes top, middle and first line managers of Oil Company and the questionnaires were prepared randomly by sampling and according to the Morgan table for 384 subjects. Quantitative analyze of data were performed by SPSS software version 19, and the structural equations were analyzed by the 8/7 LISREL software. Finally, the effect of each of the variables of leadership thinking, communication, and meritocracy on the main variable of core concept was determined by the offered structural model. The model reliability was confirmed by the goodness of fit indices. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.