Preliminary Validation of an Arabic Version of the Sport Motivation Scale (SMS-28)

  •  Manal Bayyat    
  •  Arabi Almoghrabi    
  •  Khitam Ay    


This study aims to validate the Arabic version of the Sport Motivation Scale (SMS-28). SMS-28 is the English version of the French-Canadian scale l’Echelle de Motivation Dans Les Sport, which is based on the self-determination theory. The scale can reliably and validly measure the different forms of motivation toward sport. It consists of different subscales of intrinsic motivation (IM-to know, IM-to accomplish, IM-to experience), extrinsic motivation (identified regulation, introjected regulation, external regulation) and amotivation. The Arabic version of the scale was translated using the transcultural translation procedure. The final script of the translated scale was distributed to a sample of participants, which consists of a group of 208 students at the Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Jordan. The students were randomly selected and completed the scale voluntarily. Analytical analysis including factor analysis, Cronbach Alpha and Pearson correlation analysis were conducted. Results of the factor analysis reflected the validity of the scale, Cronbach Alpha showed adequate levels of internal consistency, while correlation values between the subscales were acceptable and reflected the motivation continuum suggested by the self-determination theory. Thus, an Arabic version of the sport motivation scale has emerged. Future studies using the Arabic version of the scale are encouraged. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.