A Model Development of Thai Rice Label and Package for Heath Conscious Group of Consumers on Social Media

  •  Nirat Soodsang    


The objectives of this research were to explore Thai rice consumption behavior and to develop the rice package as perceived by health conscious group of consumers on social media. The research methodology adopted mixed methods by means of marketing survey research and using research results to develop the product and package prototypes. The samples were 71 online-based consumers. The research tool was a questionnaire on general status of respondents and factors of their rice purchasing. Descriptive analysis was for the data analysis. Results revealed that the marketing mix factors affecting the consumers‘ decision to purchase rice comprised the following aspects, 1) product: rice cultivating areas, health benefits, and package, respectively; 2) price: best suit to rice quality, clear price tag, and saving price, respectively; 3) distribution channels: clean distribution sites, convenient transport, and enough car parking spaces, respectively; 4) marketing promotion: sale, discount coupon, and point-of-purchase displays, respectively. These are key issues to be considered. Regarding the label and logo design, the design work needed to present complete and clear information referring to essential quality of the product, and represent distinction and uniqueness. Product design needed to consider how to facilitate convenient transport, convenient use by consumers, i.e. opening-reclosing the package, and strength and firmness to effectively support the product, respectively.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.