The Public Knowledge and Custom with the Inheritance Division According to Islamic Law

  •  Oleh Zakaria Syafei    


The purpose of this reseach is to determine Public Knowledge and Custom Toward The Division of Inheritance According to Islamic Law in Banjarsari Village,District of Cipocok Jaya, Serang City, Banten, Indonesiawhich in terms of respondents demographics is gender respondents. Theresearchwas conducted using a quantitative approach with descriptive and inferential methods, inferential methods using correlation analysis, T-test, and multiple regression analysis.The research data collection is using instrumentquestionwith Likert scale questions. The objects in this research are the people whom are around the VillageOffice Banjarsari, District Cipocok Jaya, SerangCity, Banten, Indonesia. Based on the results of research noted that general knowledge and customary inheritance in the community has the highest value it found a relationship between common knowledge and customary with inheritance division according to Islam. For that need the continuous efforts of the relevant parties (scholars, community leaders, and government) to provide insight and guidance as well as a clear idea of the inheritance division based on the teachings of the Islamic religion.

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