The Study of the Effect of Internal Marketing on Sales Staff Performance with an Emphasis on the Role of Organizational Commitment

  •  Mohammad Mahdi Saeedinejad    


This study aimed to achieve the improvement of sales based on the effect of internal marketing on Sales staff performance with an emphasis on the role of organizational commitment in Pama Shoes Company. The statistical population of this study included all the staff working in Pama Shoes Company. According to Krejcie and Morgan table, the sample size was determined as 217 subjects and simple random sampling was used. The research method was descriptive-correlational and data collection was done by questionnaire. A questionnaire designed by Moni and Forman (1995) was used to measure internal marketing. Allen and Meyer standard questionnaire (2000) was used to measure organizational commitment and Hamburg (2011) questionnaire with Likert scale was also used to measure Sales staff performance. The validity of research tool was confirmed by using the opinions of experts and the reliability of internal marketing questionnaire was confirmed as 0/890, Sales staff performance as 0/877 and organizational commitment as 0/834 by using Cronbach alpha. Data were analyzed by structural equations model. The results of this study show that the dimensions of internal marketing (rewarding, development of staff, and Organizational Vision) have a positive and significant effect on Sales staff performance. In addition, organizational commitment has a favorable moderating role in the effectiveness of internal marketing on Sales staff performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.