Rating Effective Factors on Motivating Employees for Job Persistence by Using Fuzzy AHP Method: A Case Study among the Employees of the Deqat Khodro Kousha (IPACO) Company

  •  Seyed Mehdi Khadem    
  •  Darush Rahmati    
  •  Ali Yavari    
  •  Seyed Ehsan Etemadifar    
  •  Alireza Eftekharian    


The goal of this research is to prioritize effective factors on motivating employees to keep on working and determining the most important effective factors on the employees' motivation. In this paper, to grade effective factors on the employees' motivation for keeping on to work, the Fuzzy AHP method, which is one of the multi-standard decision-making methods was utilized. Field research and library research methods were used for collecting the needed information.  Results indicated that among the effective factors on the employees' motivation for job persistence, the health factor is the most important and financial status is the second most important factor. The least importance is given to the significance of the work for that person. In this paper, the effective factors on the employees' motivation for job persistence were rated for the first time. Results of this research are very useful in devising strategies that are related to keeping employees for the human resources' executives. The results of this paper are not applicable to all organizations. Furthermore, in this research, only the factors with positive impacts on employees for job persistence were rated.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.