The Problems of Iranian Language Learners in Correctly Using German Prepositions

  •  Mohammad Hossein Haddadi    
  •  Aida Saidi Tavakoli    


Due to their various types and forms in different languages, prepositions are assumed as a difficult issue in teaching foreign languages. Thus the authors of the present article carried out a field test with the goal of analyzing the use of prepositions by elementary learners of German. The findings of the test confirm the problems students have in using German prepositions. This article is an attempt to compare Persian and German prepositions. The comparison reveals that prepositions in two languages are in no one-to-one relationship with each other. The findings of this research show that German and Persian prepositions are different on three levels: 1. Meaning 2. Grammatical function 3. Sentential position. Furthermore, German prepositions are so various in form and content that it is almost impossible for a learner to make correspondence between the prepositions of the two systems.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.