Examination of Orientalist Views on the Law-Giving Prophets

  •  Hassan Rezaee Haftador    
  •  Morteza Walizadeh    
  •  Seyf Ali Zahedifar    


The law-giving prophets or the prophets of strong resolve are prophets that possessed independent divine books and religions. Noah, Abraham, and Moses are numbered among the prophets of strong resolve. Orientalists have studied issues related to these prophets. The present study evaluates the views of orientalists concerning prophets of strong resolve. This library study takes an analytic, critical, and descriptive approach to the topic. Though examination of the views of orientalists concerning prophets of strong resolve is the focus of this study, views of Muslim scholars are also considered to complement the study. As indicated by examination of their opinions on the matter, orientalists have performed extensive research in Islamic sources on prophets of strong resolve. However, they have utilised weak Islamic narratives and have thus erred in regard to these prophets.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.