The Effect of Internet Usage on Relations between Members of the Omani Family in the Dhofar Region

  •  Reem Abuiyada    
  •  Salithamby Rauff    
  •  Adnan Eteiwi    


Oman has a society which is highly driven by religious and cultural values. Religion and culture have both been apparent sustenance to shape every area of Omanis’ daily life at individual, familial and societal levels. The instituting of modern technology, particularly the Internet, has a decisive impact on the traditional and structural nature of Omani’s family life. This study has examined such impact on families. This is an exploratory study employing quantitative data. Around 200 families from different parts of Dhofar, Oman (such as Salalah, Mirbath, Thamreet and Taqa) have been recruited by a purposive sampling, and their views and experiences on how their use of modern technology influences their life were collected. The findings suggested that the Internet use has produced a low husband-wife relationship in family life. Findings also suggest that there was a low relationship between siblings in a family. The Internet use had also effects on Omani families’ traditional culture and beliefs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.