The Relationship between Exports and Economic Growth in Saudi Arabia

  •  Tarek Tawfik Yousef Alkhateeb    
  •  Haider Mahmood    
  •  Zafar Ahmad Sultan    


One of the most important objectives of an economy is to achieve high rate of economic growth so as to improve the well-being of their citizen. For the purpose, export-oriented policy measures are more preferably prescribed in the recent past. The present study aims at to find the linkages between exports and economic growth in case of Saudi Arabia. The study uses the most efficient unit root, cointegration and causality tests to find the true relationships between exports and economic growth. The study tries to examine the dynamic association for exports and economic growth in Saudi Arabia. Applying more popular time series technique of long run relationship and causality, the paper finds the long-run cointegration relationships in our export-growth model. Further, we have found feed-back effect in export-growth relationships and suggest the further export-promotion to foster economic growth in Saudi Arabia. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.