Investigating the Effective Bioclimatic Factors on Tourism Industry (Case of Study: Zanjan, Iran)

  •  Behrouz Nasiri    
  •  Mina Mirian    


The tourism industry is one of the largest and fastest growing economic factors in the contemporary worlds. Many factors affect the tourism industry; one of the most important of them is climate. Unfortunately, tourism literature has not paid much attention to the effect of climatic factors on the industry as it worth. Therefore, in order to develop this area of global economic, it is necessary to recognize the capabilities and limitations of the climate area. In this research, in order to evaluate environmental conditions in there, indicators of effective temperature (ET), temperature-humidity (THI), Baker Index (CP), and physiological stress indicators, (Pphs) by using monthly statistic parameters of temperature, relative humidity wind and synoptic sampling stations during the period 2005 – 1955 are used. Results show that based on the parameters of ET, the maximum temperature in April, the minimum temperature in July and August and the average temperature can be seen in May. About THI index comfort conditions can be seen just in March and November and CP index indicates total bioclimatic comfort in summer. Index) also found that only the months of June, September and has been neutral in terms of biological stress. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.