Evaluation of Scientific Thinking of Zakaria Razi about the World of Natural and Cosmology

  •  Mohammad Esmail Esmaili Ahangar    


In the fourth and fifth century of AH (tenth and eleventh. m) all science, especially natural science and cosmology were interest to people particular to scientists. These centuries was in a row of the best periods of prosperity, science and culture and became famous in the history and civilization of "the golden age of Islamic Iran". As a result, new scientific findings add to the scientific achievements of the past and also influenced the minds of scientists in the later centuries. Razi had a big contribution in the development of philosophy and natural sciences at the beginning of the fourth century AH equal to the tenth century AD and achieve the highest degrees in their time in various fields. Razi raised the opinion of the ancient alchemy of Khamse, and also transformed elixir to chemistry. And was founded the core of chemistry and give chemistry to the medicine. among what was written in the third to seventh century of AD about race (the ninth to the thirteenth century), we find many cases that all of them express his accurate method in the clinical experimental method. Razi not only experiences in medicine but also knew tests as essential topics in the natural sciences. Human scientific past was known by thoughts of scientists such as Razi and their theories are the cornerstone of philosophers thinking of recent history. Therefore, this article seeks to examine the scientific thinking of Razi about the world of nature and cosmology. For this purpose, the method of library and tools of notes taking was used.

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