Comment Blachere Compiled the Qur'an and Its Relation to the Assignment of Distorting the Quran (Reviews and Criticism)

  •  Shahande Amene    
  •  Khakpoor Rahim    


Régis blachère, French orientalist believes in the intellectual life of the Prophet and the Quran in the time of writing it after the death of his era and the era of Abu Bakr and Umar attributed, based on the full written judgment and personal discretion together and create some changes in some verses of the compromise revelation made manifest. In terms of Quran Blachere era of the Prophet because of ignorance of the Prophet, descent successive verses and negligence Prophet in this case is not written and the total sum for the mind and memory as well.But after his death, the disruptions are done in writing and writing. Given the lack of a copy of the written revelation companions formed in different ways and eventually entered distortions and changes in the Holy Qur'an. Blachere vote, even though the facts at issue in the era of the Companions of the Quran does not specify but to jet the Firstly total Quran in the era of the Prophet as subjective, and secondly, unilaterally from Sunni sources Shia and deprived of rich resources and Thirdly entry in the Qur'an was distorted is serious criticism.

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