Sadistic Sexual Offenses in Criminal Cases of Iran and France

  •  Seyedmohammad Mousavi    
  •  Yousef Jafarzadi    
  •  Shamsollah Khatami    
  •  Arash Babaei    


Crimes, especially crimes of sexual violence is a problem in every society, in the midst of violent crimes, especially rape, beatings and even death for sex by the psychological impact on creating a sense of insecurity in society the dignity and respect most influential crime is. Sadistic crimes, including cases of sexual violence in the country's laws, particularly the law of France and Iran have been severely. Sexual harassment and sexual violence in France has a mild to severe penalties that depend on the type of crime and its dissemination. So that kind of punishment in relation to crimes of sexual violence are synthetic and financial penalties and even imprisonment is involved. The laws of the country also showed that sexual violence to it that French law has the details of the punishment, has not been raised, but sexual violence in the form of psychological violence by criminal penalties and imprisonment are required. The laws of the country, violence against women and children in two after payment of blood money or the lives of members and in case of immoral nature of the punishment of flogging and death will follow.

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