The Influence of Social Network Structure on the Farmer Group Participation in Indonesia

  •  Alia Raya    


The development of farmer groups in Indonesia is being stagnant because of the function of farmer group could not afford the needs of farmer group members. Participation of members is crucial to be assessed in order to promote the development of farmer group. To increase the participation of members, the social network structure between members and leaders should be taken into consideration. In this paper, the function of local institution leaders together with the function of farmer group leaders are measured in the social network structure. Through the graph of social network, it found that members will access information easily through the routine meeting in the local institution (neighborhood association) while the farmer group leaders are functioning as a legitimate of farmer group agenda. This paper suggests that the relationship between member and leader on the social network structure influences the member participation in the farmer group.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.