Critiques on Thai Educational Research Methodology

  •  Warunee Lapanachokdee    
  •  Nuttaporn Lawthong    
  •  Chatsiri Piyapimonsit    


This critique aimed to; 1) synthesize a body of knowledge of educational research methodology, 2) analyze and compare educational research methodology in Thai and international research articles, and 3) critique problems, strengths and weaknesses and put forward suggestions for standardizing Thai educational research methodology. Data were obtained from eight international textbooks, 95 articles and four Thai educational research methodology experts. Results revealed that the principles and international standards of educational research methodology included eight methodological categories which covered 34 characteristics. Findings from a comparison of Thai and international research articles indicated that Thai and international research articles were similar in 15 characteristics and different in five characteristics. Thai research articles had six problems relating to educational research methodology: information searching and English skills, educational research instruction, lack of experts in educational research methodology, research finding distribution, educational researcher development, and research article format. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.