Descriptive Analysis Regarding Use of Wechat among University Students in China

  •  Xing Yu Zhu    
  •  Abdul Razaque Chhachhar    


The main purpose this study is to explore that how the international students use Wechat in China and what kind of functions and social networking apply on Wechat. Furthermore the study indicated regarding what was most important opinion and information students adopt on Wechat. This research study is descriptive analysis about usage and Wechat as source of communication and contact with family, friends and teacher is highlighted in the paper. Total 200 international students respondents randomly were selected for data collection from Tsinghua University Beijing, China the 65.5% male and 34.5% of the female participated in the study the main findings of the study 94.5% of the respondents use Wechat to contact with friends and main purpose of use Wechat is the result showed 97.5% send message their friends and teachers. However, the 44% of the respondents agree the information that people tag and write on Wechat could be reliable. Furthermore, there many functions are available on Wechat where people can get benefit like call the taxi, transfer money recharge money in mobile phone and games but most of the respondents did not use it properly due to lack of Chinese language bearer among international students. Therefore it is possible that Wechat can introduce some new Apps where international students can get more benefit from it.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.