The Validity and Reliability of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy Module Development for University Support Staff

  •  Nurul Iman Abdul Jalil    
  •  Mastura Mahfar    


This study introduces the Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy Module for university support staff in lessening their irrational beliefs and job stress which more emphasize on cognitive aspect beside emotion and behavioural aspects. The Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT) which introduced by Albert Ellis (1994) was employed as a guideline in developing the module. The process of module’s development content was compiled based on the four sub modules, namely Self-acceptance, Feelings, Beliefs and Disputation which adapted from previous REBT practitioners and researchers. After the module developed, the analysis of validity and reliability were tested. The content validity of the module was evaluated by five experts and the result indicated that the value of validity coefficient is high which is .91. Meanwhile, the reliability analysis was tested by employing a questionnaire based on the steps of module’s activity. The result showed that the value of reliability coefficient is also high which is .98. In conclusion, the study demonstrates that the REBT Module has a high validity and reliability which can be utilized by support staff at university. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.