Individual Personality Factors as Drivers for Electronic and Mobile-Shopping Acceptance in United Arab Emirates

  •  Mohammed Otaq    
  •  Hassan Al-Dhaafri    


Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine how individual personality factors including functionality factors interactivity, psychological factors, usability and technology factors, and product/service characteristics can influence Dubai Emiratis to adopt and use online shopping.

Methodology: Thirty six questionnaire items were administered to 180 adult Emiratis living in Dubai to examine the influence of personality factors on online shopping acceptance. The sample of 180 Emiratis was chosen through random sampling technique.

Results: The findings significantly improved the understanding of users in Dubai in terms of their E&M-Shopping acceptance. The factors could assist in achieving successful E&M-Shopping acceptance. Along a similar line of importance, the findings highlighted the low awareness of users concerning government regulations and product return policy.

Practical implications: The result of this study showed that usability and technology factors affected the consumers’ acceptance of Electronic and Mobile shopping. Therefore, future technology in E&M-Shopping should be enhanced through government initiatives and such enhancements will be evidenced in the country’s -GDP. This is also expected to achieve the target of the UAE vision 2021 to be among the top 20 countries that are in readiness to capture opportunities provided by information and communication technology to increase competitiveness.

Originality or Value: The findings of this study are expected to add knowledge to the behaviour of Dubai Emirati consumers with regard to electronic commerce. Emirati consumers who dwell in Dubai have been compared to international consumers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.