Self-disturbance in the National Medium after 36 Years of the Islamic Revolution

  •  Ali Asghar Amini Dehaghi    


Self-disturbance of the Iranian national medium, after 36 years of the Islamic Revolution, could be due to the structural and software effects of the political-religious culture ruling the community. In particular, the structural effect of bureaucracy on the structural system of the national medium has created self-disturbance in this medium. The content and meaning of this medium is, more than any other thing, dominated by the traditional media such as mosques, Hossainies, clergymen, and the descendants of Imams Etc. which are mostly provided by religious clergymen. In addition, the presence of the clergy on top of the pyramid of power has caused the procedure of the national medium which moves based on the patterns of modernity to be manifested as its religious-traditional content and meaning being influenced by and against secularism. This is why the national medium, in spite of the lack of any serious domestic rival, is incapable of global competition in the field of plurality of Persian speaking media. As a result several factors arising from the cultural-religious as well as political spheres have provided self-disturbance in the Iranian national medium. 

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