Ali Shariati’s Use of Traditional Media and the Historical Memory for Promoting Islamic Revolution in Iran

  •  Ali Asghar Amini Dehaghi    


The thing that has always made Shariati immanent, according to some of his fans, in addition to his companionship conscious in first period and reforming in the second is Shariati’s use of social communication process in form of traditional media which is usually about Shia clergy.

Plus, in order to have a stronger impact on his contacts tried to de familiarize traditional concepts especially religious and historical-myth memory community in the process of extraction and refining from religious – historical concepts. So when audiences were exposed to the message of Ali Shariati in the traditional communication process they imagined it was a manifestation of religion with the concept of revolution, which had never happened before. Therefore Shariati was one of the most successful intellectuals in contacting with the audience, someone unprecedented in the history of Iran. 

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