Analysis of the Formation Process of Modernization in Contemporary Iran and Its Effects on Globalization

  •  Ahmadi Ghasemabad Sofla Yousef    


Certainly, modernity is one of the characteristics of the present age and we live in the era of modernity. Hence, modernity is the spirit of the new era. This was due to philosophical and intellectual evolution of the West which could put aside mentally worn out tissues and follow the new path. More than a century from modernization life passes in Iran and after the Constitutional Revolution grew and accelerated. In the meantime, Iran could influence from the western scientific and technical, economic, political evolutions and on the basis of its capacity achieves great developments and evolutions. West evolutions were created directly or indirectly by intellectual and philosophical evolutions of West after the Renaissance that it will be remembered modernity. This element in West civilization was endogenous. Hence, development of modernization and subsequently globalization are serious products of modernity which have been developed in the world and their shadow is heavy on the human head. So that escaping of them is impossible.

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