Out-migration: A Relief Valve for a Local Economy-A Case Study of Hanoi's Female Workers in the Context of Economic Crisis and Recession

  •  Mai Vu    


Economic crisis and recession has been the context for many research taking through. However, no little research has been done on out-migration of female workers in Vietnam, particularly in Ha Noi. Basing on an empirical research and using mainly the survey results, this paper seeks to understand how the pattern and trend of the out-migration female workers has been changed; what factors determined the out-migration and how the consequences are in the context of the economic crisis and recession. This paper also improves the out-migration act as a “relief valve” for a local economy where jobs and investment opportunities are scarce and the migration out flow from urban to rural is more vulnerable to economic shocks.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.