Green Bank: International Experiences and Vietnam Perspectives

  •  Tran Tu    
  •  Tran Yen    


Green Bank is a new concept that has been known in recent years, particularly for developing countries including Vietnam, because the requirements of environmental protection are trade-offs to achieve economic growth and development. Hence, it is generally accepted that the green bank is a model for banking in the future when it balances the benefits and cost between economic and environment of all stakeholders in the banking activities. This paper is an overview the new concept about green bank and the benefits of those to environment and economic. Then, it shows the international experiences from developed and developing countries. The lessons learnt withdraw will be useful for implementing in Vietnam, including: (i) enhancing the awareness of green banking of bank leaders, (ii) encouraging firms to make green investment to create green financing demand, (iii) developing the legal framework to encourage banks providing green finance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.