Research on Chinese Farmers’ Social Endowment Insurance Mode

  •  Changyou Zhang    


In this paper, based on Marxism social security theory, the author creatively advances that in China value of labour-power consists of the endowments for the labourer and part of endowments for his or her parents, considering China’s conditions. By this way, the author integrates traditional individual, family, collectivity, and state endowments into a complex endowment mode, namely the target mode of this paper. This mode includes social endowment insurance system and community-and-family support system. The former mainly offers endowment insurance, and the later mainly life services and spiritual cares for seniors. The social endowment insurance system includes primary pension, social pension, and family planning pension for farmers. The management of rural social endowment insurance premium is similar to that of civil social endowment insurance. Considering the great difference of local economy and society in China, community-and-family support system is various in different regions. The family planning pension is to relieve the potential negative effects of certain institutions designed in this paper on the family planning policy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.