The Reference of Nietzsche’s Moral Philosophy to Remodel Chinese’s Personality

  •  Zhang Yuan    
  •  Yu Tao    


In China, the traditional moral is absolute holism which caused the traditional personality a blind altuism and be short of healthy individualism. And more seriously, servility in the personality of Chinese people is a severe weakness rooted in the traditional morals of China which was criticised by Chinese scholars fierecely, and this major defect of Chinese personality is the huge obstacle of the development of modern Chinese thought. To eliminate all the weakness of Chinese traditional morality and to renew the personality of Chinese, we could learn from the essence of Nietzsche’s theories of “superman morality” which advocated the independent and self-esteem strongly, thus create an independent personality for Chinese which urges people to be free, self-esteem, creative, courageous and with healthy psychology. 

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