Political and Social Reflection of Post-Colonial Kazakhstan in Translations of American Literature (on the basis of the works by Jusupbek Aimautuly and Jack London)

  •  Karlygash Aubakirova    


This article analyzes historical and political views in the translations of the Kazakh writer Jusupbek Aimautuly from Jack London’s works. It was the first time when Jack London who is the representative of American literary was translated into the Kazakh language and this work analyzes its reaction on Kazakh literature. Jusupbek Aimautuly was determined as a wise and skillful writer and a good politician at the beginning of XX century according to his translations. There was investigated Jack London’s unknown to him spiritual influence to the Kazakh people by quantitative and qualitative research methods.The translations described sadness, torment and unhappiness of the Kazakh people that was under the invasion policy and genocide of the Soviet Union. It was determined that these translations avoided censorship and tragedy of Kazakh steppe and could find their publicity. It was found out that Aimautuly could represent his thoughts, his purposes and wishes to his nation; he talked about preservation of the nation, importance of unity and power of knowledge through the translation. At the same time, he saved all the rules of translation theory and he showed his skills in order to represent Jack London’s prowess to the mind of the Kazakh people.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.