Analysis on the Characteristics of Guanzhong Traditional Residential Courtyard --- Take Tang Courtyard in Xunyi County as an Example

  •  Yanjun Li    
  •  Xu Yan    


In this paper, a lot of countryside surveying, mapping, measuring and on-the-spot drawing are conducted to obtain a wealth of first-hand information. In addition, the methods of entity dissection and regional comparison are employed to explain the causes for the formation of Guanzhong traditional residential courtyards and to analyze and summarize the form, structure and spatial pattern of Tang Courtyard as a typical example of Guanzhong residential courtyards in order to further research the form of these courtyards, to pass down and protect intangible cultural heritage and to offer some beneficial references for the planning and design of modern vernacular architecture.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.