Merciful God and the Problem of Evil in the Philosophy of Suhrawardi

  •  Maryam Solgi    
  •  Ghasem Pourhassan Darzi    
  •  Amir Abolfazl Hekmat Arjmand    


In the philosophy of religion, the problem of evil is the question of how to reconcile the existence of evil with that of a deity who is, in either absolute or relative terms, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent (see theism). An argument from evil attempts to show that the co-existence of evil and such a deity is unlikely or impossible if placed in absolute terms. Attempts to show the contrary have traditionally been discussed under the heading of theodicy. A wide range of responses have been given to the problem of evil in theology. There are also many discussions of evil and associated problems in other philosophical fields, such as secular ethics and scientific disciplines such as evolutionary ethics. But as usually understood, the "problem of evil" is posed in a theological context. Suhrawardi, with a distinctive approach to innovation and offer School of Illumination the problem of evil in this. The problem of evil in the human soul, according to taste and intuition and focus on trying to respond to questions and problems. This paper is trying to invent Suhrawardi in response to the problem of evil by the light of wisdom explained and by presenting a complete picture of his views on the subject, his shortcomings solutions analyze and assess the problem of evil.

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