Re-Exploring on Japanese Values Diplomacy

  •  Xu Meng    


Japan’s values diplomacy was proposed by Tarou Asou Taro Aso in 2007. And in the period of Fukuda ruling, this diplomacy contemporarily withdrew from Japanese diplomatic stage, but its democratic values concept is still displayed in diplomatic activities. After Tarou Asou Taro Aso became the prime minister, what would be the position of values diplomacy in Japanese strategy and national policy? On this issue, it is necessary to have a deep exploring into Japanese values diplomacy. In this text, the author thinks that we can not just regard this kind of diplomacy as an ideological method of blocking Sino-Russian strategic space. It is more an important component of the comprehensive security cooperation strategy in the 21st century, and it preoccupies an important status in Japanese national strategy and policy.

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