The Status Quo Survey and Countermeasure Analysis of Chinese Netizens’ Needs for E-Mental Health Services

  •  Jian Zhao    


The e-Mental Health Service refers to the work for mental health promotion provided, following the laws of mental health, by professional institutions and professionals to netizens through the Internet. A survey of 1588 netizens shows that netizens have a need for e-Mental Health Services and higher needs for mental health knowledge; they show obvious social orientation in their choices of service providers; demographic variables have remarkable influences on netizens’ specific needs; and netizen groups, there are relatively higher needs in female, college degree holders and above, the youth and brain workers, such as students, teachers, company employees, and staff in public institutions. The results of the survey indicate that netizens’ needs for e-Mental Health Services are complex and diversified, and netizens’ understanding and demand for professional service institutions, professional service providers and electronic service modes still need to be improved.

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