Brief Analysis of Sports Marketing Strategy Adopted by Coca Cola Company

  •  Mingxia Wang    


The process of sports marketing is to reincorporate resources of an enterprise and integrate the sports culture embodied in sports activities into products of the enterprise to realize adequate integration of the three aspects of sports culture, brand culture and corporate culture. This is aimed to arouse resonance between enterprise and consumers, form long-term special focus and interest among the consumers and facilitate the competitive priority of the enterprise.On the international stage, quite a large number of brand enterprises come to be known well by people and become a brand of fashion and health in their eyes. Among the numerous brands, the author believes the sports marketing strategy of Coca Cola Company started earlier and its marketing method and mode is relatively peculiar, which deserves our learning and reference. The remainder of the paper is organized as follows. In the first section, it introduces the current situation of sports marketing. Then, in the second section, the importance of sports marketing on product publicity and the role of sports marketing are expounded and several modes of sports marketing are illustrated. In the following, the author makes selective analysis of the sports marketing strategy of Coca Cola. Finally, the author proposes his viewpoints and makes a conclusion.

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