Validity and Reliability of Comprehensive Assessment Instruments for Handball and Badminton Games in Physical Education

  •  Norkhalid Salimin    
  •  Julismah Jani    
  •  Mohd Izwan Shahril    
  •  Gunathevan Elumalai    


This study aimed to determine the validity and reliability of the Comprehensive Assessment instruments for handball and badminton games in physical education. This study conducted by six types of instruments in comprehensive assessment, that are handball cognitive assessment, handball psychomotor assessment, handball affective assessment, badminton cognitive assessment, badminton psychomotor assessment and badminton affective assessment. The measuring instruments of this study are built based on the level of Bloom's taxonomy (1956) for cognitive domain, taxonomy Dave (1970), taxonomy for psychomotor domain and taxonomy Krathwohl et al. (1964) for affective domain. The results showed the validity of a comprehensive assessment for handball was r = .82 and r = .80 for badminton. While the reliability of handball cognitive assessment r = .78 (n = 36), handball psychomotor assessment r = .93 (n = 31), handball affective assessment r = .83 (n = 39), badminton cognitive assessment r = .75 (n = 40), badminton psychomotor assessment r = .81 (n = 40), badminton affective assessment r = .81 (n = 40). The percentage of agreement between examiners (inter observer agreement) for handball is (70.11 %, SD = 0.57) and badminton (70.03 %, SD = 0.68). Based on the findings, this comprehensive assessment is suitable to be used as a standard instrument to assess students’ achievement in handball and badminton games through Physical Education subject in School Based Assessment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.