Factors Affecting Exercise Adherence Behavior of University Students in Upper Northeastern, Thailand

  •  Poosanapas Somnil    
  •  Thawichai Khaothin    


This research was aimed to study the meaning of adhere to exercise by the experience of university students who adhere to exercise. The experience and model of a lifestyle that has adhered to an exercise of those adhere to exercise. The phenomenological study, data was collected through in-depth interviews individually. The groups of main contributors were 12 university students who adhere to exercise by checking the reliability of the data and conclusions by the contributor. Data was analyzed by the researcher used the phenomenological analysis of data. The results showed students who adhere to exercise definite exercise adherence that is to exercise regularly and exercise it for a long time with feeling like exercise which is thought of exercise is a part of life. It makes the body healthy and to have fun and develop them. The experience and model of lifestyle adhere to exercise that can be divided into three phases: 1) before performing exercise 2) began performing an exercise, and 3) when it adheres to exercise. It was found that in all phases of the study can be divided into two factors related to the second side is the side of the personal and the environmental factors.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.