An Exploration of Supervisory Satisfaction as a Mediator Variable in Organisational Citizenship Behaviour

  •  Lee Lian    


This paper seeks to explore the mediating construct of supervisory satisfaction on the relationship between leadership styles and organisational citizenship behaviour in companies across Malaysia. While there have been past research that investigated the relationship between leadership styles and citizenship behaviour, until now, there is very little research investigating the mediating effects of supervisory satisfaction on such relationship especially in the Malaysian context. Data was collected from 280 respondents that represent major industries such as services, manufacturing, mining and construction. SmartPLS was used to test the proposed framework. The results show that the transformational leadership style has significant positive relationship with subordinates’ organisational citizenship behaviour. This result found that supervisory satisfaction mediates the relationship between transformational leadership and citizenship behaviour. The conclusion of the research emphasizes the effects of the research for future research and practice.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.