The Role of Leader's Talent Management Ability in Relations between Leadership Styles and Organizational Effectiveness

  •  Choonghyun Kim    
  •  Jaeweon Lee    
  •  Jaehoon Rhee    


Currently, talent management has been considered as one of the most important responsibilities of leaders and HR departments in enterprises. This study aims to investigate the role of leader's talent management ability and the manners which leadership styles affect organizational effectiveness. A theoretical review and hypothesized research model are presented.

To test the hypotheses, SPSS program was performed on the data collected from 356 employees working at various firms in Daegu City and Kyongsang North Province. Then the results show several implications and provide many contributions. The first one is our study extends the research on talent management from a traditional human resource management point of view to a leadership perspective. Second, our research is the first attempt to identify a leader's talent management ability as affects the correlation between leadership and organizational effectiveness. Finally, this study reveals that a leader's talent management ability directly and indirectly influences organizational effectiveness.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.