Exercises Responses of 60-69 Years on the Senior Fitness Test in Jordan Compared to US Norms

  •  Harran Al-Rahamneh    
  •  Khawla Yousef    
  •  Wafa’ Ismail    


Introduction: It is well established that most body functions are affected by ageing. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and enhance the well-being among elderly. Therefore, this study assessed exercise responses in 60-69 year-olds Jordanian to the Senior Fitness Test in comparison to the US norms.

Methods: Sixty eight men (mean ± SD, 67.1 ± 4.6 y) and 54 women (63.3 ± 3.5 y) from local society volunteered for the study. Each person performed six exercise tests of the senior fitness test; 30-second chair stand test; 30-Second arm curl test; Chair sit and reach test; Back scratch test; 8-Foot up and go exercise test and 6-Minute walk test.

Results: Low values of 8-Foot up and go exercise test, back scratch test and 6-Minute walk test for women compared to the US norms. Good and comparable values of 30-second chair stand test, 30-Second arm curl test and Chair sit and reach test compared to the US norms.

Discussion: The low values of 8-Foot up and go exercise test and back scratch test may be attributed to the fact that these type of exercise are not very common in the daily activity of elderly in Jordan. However, the good results of chair sit and reach exercise test is essential part of their daily physical activity especially during the prayer time, which they have to do five times a day.


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