The Applicability of Prophet Muhammad’s Strategies in his Battles and Campaigns in Modern Business

  •  Mohamed Sulaiman    
  •  Abdul Kadir Othman    
  •  Moussa Larbani    
  •  Izhairi Ismail    
  •  Daniel Yusoff    
  •  Muhammad Iskandar Hamzah    


The choice of strategy is prudently done by top managers and business strategists in order to maintain the company’s survival, sustainability and achievement of its mission and objectives. This study attempts to examine the applicability of the specific Prophet Muhammad’s strategies in his battles and campaigns in modern business. Eight Prophet’s strategies were tested that comprise (1) jihad, (2) swiftness, (3) steadfast (al-sabirun) (4) vigorous image, (5) harm prevention, (6) hijrah (migration), (7) peace (al-silmi) and (8) dynamic. Eight respondents consisting of four managing directors, three chief executive officers and one chief operating officer of SMEs in Malaysia who are in the role of strategizing their companies participated in this study. The study found that all of the eight strategies are applicable and being practiced in modern business. This paper opens a new direction of research, discovering the strategic management framework in the of Prophet Muhammad’s war strategies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.